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Thomas Yannitelli
Great concealment

Love this holster! Received an hour ago and it’s like I’ve always had it. Beats every other (4) holsters I’ve bought for deep concealment. This thing REALLY hides my pistol well. I could not see it in the mirror-actually checked to make sure I had put the firearm in.
Well done!

Kevin Potter

I really like the concealability and easy draw of this holster.
I can carry my SIG P938 or my Colt Combat Commander with the same holster.
This is a high quality leather holster and is very comfortable.
Thank you...

Scott A.
Hide-It Holster & Key FOB

I've been wearing the Hide-It for several weeks now and as someone new to concealed carry, I really like how it allowed me to start carrying my larger sized gun comfortably without having to buy a whole new wardrobe of larger pants, cover garments, or magnetic button shirts. Just a good gun belt and I'm good to go! As someone required to dress in business casual for work, I like how I can still tuck in my shirt as well. The thing that sold me on this below the waistband holster is that the clip is easily disguised. I went with the key fob option, and I've actually found it really nice to not have to dig through my pockets for my keys anymore. The holster itself is a really good quality leather that covers the trigger guard securely, but still breaks in enough to make it comfortable while sitting. I sometimes forget I'm wearing this holster because it simply feels like I have something in the pocket that I used to have by bulky keys in! My gun is actually more comfortable to carry than my extra magazines at this point! If comfortable deep concealment is something you are looking for, then this holster is a really great option!

Allan H.
Hide-It Holster & Key FOB

Holster is great...! Key fob is not but I couldn't find any way to order it without the expensive key fob that cost $10 and is nothing more than a cheaply-made carabiner...!

Henry M.
Hide-It Holster & Key FOB

I have had the system, for three weeks, and I must say, it is outstanding! I have several semi-automatic pistols, and all of them fit very well in this holster. The product is very well constructed, and I like the key chain addition. There is no printing, and you can wear it comfortably all day long. Unlike other similar holsters, it lays flat on your leg when sitting, and is very easy to draw from, while seated. Use some saddle soap on the leather, and you will have a soft, exceptionally durable, no-nonsense kick butt deep concealment holster!