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Okay thanks

Robert Epps
Phone Case with conceal carry Holster

Received it in great shape and it works great as was advertised I Love it it’s great

Derek Olsen
hide it

My second hide it holster, that should tell you something, went ahead and got the phone case this time which works very well. Holster itself has a high quality feel, is comfortable against the skin, there is some generic looking printing in very thin or tighter clothing but looks like a thick pocket seam, certainly not what it is and is very easy to break up with a little something in your pocket.

Walter A.
Long Time Customer!

I bought my Hide-It Holster in 2014, Love it still works exceptionally well and I wear it daily. I had to order a new cell phone case for the Hide-It Holster because I purchased a larger phone. I am very happy with the #9 Cell Phone Case I ordered and am wearing it today. I ordered on Monday August 22nd and received it today. August 25th.

I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate your products and the Quick Service I received.

Thanks Walter! We really appreciate the feedback! The Hide-It has helped thousands of customers around the world solve their day to day concealed carry problem. Thanks again and keep carrying! Michael

Ron F.
This product is "GREAT"

I purchased the " Hide-It Holster" w/plain clip & cell phone case. This product is "GREAT". It lays perfectly on your leg when sitting, with no discomfort. The high quality of leather will make this the last you'll ever buy. The phone case works great for drawing your gun, you will need to practice though to make it smooth. I had a couple of questions and called the company. Michael was very helpful and accommodating in a way you just don't find in todays business world. Buy from them and you won't be sorry.