​I was exhibiting at a law enforcement training conference, when an officer asked me what I carried for a back up.  I told him I didn't.  He proceeded to scold me about it!  He asked me what I would do if my only carry weapon, jammed, ran out of ammo, or was taken from me.  I didn't have a good answer!  He went on to tell me in those cases, the only thing that may keep me alive is the ability to "draw your next weapon!"  I knew he was right.  I didn't have a leg to stand on!  After trying a number of carry methods I settled on the easiest, most comfortable way to bring a second gun.  The  GRIP IT.  A wallet holster that you can actually shoot out of!  If you have a pocket, it works!  Drop it in your pocket. No gun imprint! Stays up right for a good draw! I have not found anything that works better for me.  Remember: a 380 in your hand, beats a 45 in the car!
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