We shouldn’t even have to have this discussion….but here we go!

   I have carried 29 years and have been in the concealed carry and self-defense business 23 years.  Two things are abundantly clear:  
  • First: When you carry an exposed handgun, you become the first target!  That’s why law enforcement wear bullet-proof vests.
  • Second:  You have given away your most valuable asset in any fight, THE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE!
   You want to stop the threat immediately without the person having a chance to defend himself or target you.  I have had someone tell me:  “I want everyone to know I am armed so they know not to mess with me.”  Think about this.  A gun is a deterrent to a sane person, but an opportunity to an evil person. 

   If I was going to commit a robbery, assault or mass shooting, I would shoot the armed person immediately, without warning.  Game over.  However, if there was an armed, concealed-carry person or persons, I would have no idea who they were or where they were.  They would have a very good chance of being able to target me.   A fair fight is a sporting event …. All the rest of the time, you cheat.

   Here is a scenario:  Suppose I am at a Walmart and I see someone with an exposed handgun.  I don’t see a badge or anything else identifying him as law enforcement.  What do I do?  Is this a good guy or someone out to wreak havoc and  harm?   That’s the issue with open carry …. How does anyone determine your intent?  Good?  Bad? 
   Sometimes the very thing you are doing to protect yourself can be the very thing that gets you harmed.  Open carrying an expensive handgun (or any handgun) is an invitation to “come and take it.”  It’s like wearing a Rolex.  Somewhere, somebody is willing to do whatever it takes to relieve you of that item, and “whatever it takes,” may be fatal.
   When you carry concealed, you ALWAYS have the advantage.  Be smart.  Always carry.   Be aware of your surroundings.  Stay safe.
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